With JTP showers and mixers you have purchased a high quality products, we want to ensure that you enjoy and have a positive experience with our products for a very long time. We can help you do this with our maintenance tips and cleaning recommendations.

Robust cleaning methods and corrosive cleaning detergents may not just damage the surface of our taps and showers but they can also effect the inner workings of the products. Avoid using these corrosive detergents on our products to take away limescale and dirt, if the incorrect treatment damages our products this will void the warranty of our products.

Never spray a cleaning detergent directly onto the products itself, instead the spray should be applied to the clean cloth (microfiber) then applied directly to the taps or showers. Make sure to rinse the mixers and showers with with clean water after cleaning. Do not use any cleaning detergents containing formic acid, chlorine bleach, hydrochloride acid or acetic acid, as this could cause significant dame to the products.

Guarantee 15 Years

This guarantee shall only be valid if the installation and maintenance have been conducted in accordance to the operating instructions and engineering practices IE: authorised specialists, the operating instructions have been complied with and the JTP products have been used in line with the technical and maintenance instructions provided by JTP.

This includes but is not limited to the inlet water pipes being duly flushed, especially prior to the products installation or following construction measures in accordance with the valid standards, installation work complying with the appended diagrams and checks being conducted on the compliance of the working pressure in the water mains and technical specification.

JTP Guarantee will not cover –

  • Wear and tear to parts such as seals
  • Wear and tear to consumable materials such as batteries, filters or aerators.
  • Products defects caused by installation, transportation or test operation of the purchased item.
  • Damage caused by the faulty JTP product
  • Display products or similar
  • Non-compliance with the installation, maintenance and usage of instructions appended or provided at justtapsplus.co.uk
  • Installation, maintenance or repair carried out by non-qualified technicians.
  • Product is damaged by the seller, plumber or any third persons.
  • Improper installation or commissioning.
  • Insufficient or improper maintenance
  • Products that have not been or are not used in line with their intended purpose
  • Damage used by force or natural disasters, especially not limited to floods, fires or frost damage